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How Can I Check Girlfriend's Text Messages and Cellphone Calls Log Without Her Knowing

Either asks for his password or asks for your boyfriend to login and show him his account. Are the officers acting outside the laws of Virginia? You do have privacy rights but they are not absolute.

You could ask to speak with a supervisor and find out when you can expect to get your phone back especially if they dont get a warrant. s supervisor. when i went down to the police station they took my phone and read my texts without my consent which ive been reading and i guess its legal now here in cali. Dear Johnny: Some states have ting laws that penalize this activity. I have had no contact, (physical), nor telephone calls or text messages.

May be evidence of criminal activity. It can always be retrieved and used against you in the proper setting. Consequently, we dont provide legal advice to adults or teens. So, keep asking for the phones return and for an explanation about why its being held.

He was told that if he can bring people to the police that his sentence would not be as harsh. The state has up to a year to formally file charges if they decide to. Usually, if the state can show probable cause that the records are evidence of criminal activity or a piece of the puzzle in gathering evidence of a crime, a court will issue a search and seizure warrant for the records or a subpoena will be served on the phone company or carrier. scotty January 20, 10:49 pm count( 87 ) my names scotty im from NE i am 16 i got caught for sending pictures the cops took my phone as evidence.

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Even though you have the threat saved on your phone, they may want to search further for relevant evidence. Otherwise, you could face a charge of disobeying an order of a police officer. i live in oklahoma Dear Kenny: In some cases, they may need a warrant.

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